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2008 First International Biennial of Contemporary Art og Chapingo

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

"Art with root in the Earth" was held in a beautiful museum at the University with mural from Diego Rivera and the paintings by Frida Kahlo had to be moved, so all the participants from all over the world could show their art. It was sad, but I think we all came with respect.

aut bibat aut abeat (you are either with us or against us) 34,3x34,3 inches (87x87cm) oil on canvas.

The fingerstall represents all children that are, and will be, killed by weapons. War, or no war, weapons are easy to get. None are saying they want to kill children – yet so many children are losing their lives every year. It is unbelievably many if we remind ourselves that everyone is someone’s child.

The bullet is weighing the fingerstall down. The bullet is heavier, the children has no saying.

Coniunctis viribus (with united powers)34,3x34,3 inches (87x87cm) oil on canvas.

This painting was made just for The Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo Chapingo 2008. I was fascinated by the thought of gathering artists from all over the world to “Arte con Raiz en la Tierra” - "Art with Root in the Earth"

We are all from this earth – together. I was inspired to paint all the artists as brushes bounded together by this event. The brushes are different in shape color and size, as people are. The brushes have been painting all the flags, and some painting is left on the brushes.

Both paintings are framed ash bonded together as the four world corners. I chose ash because it is a lot of ash where I live, and it is the World Tree, Yggdrasil, in Norse mythology. The tree shelters all the worlds. The tree is so big its head is in heaven and the roots are in Hell. By the roots you have the wells for wisdom, fate and source of many rivers.

The canvas is in linen and stretched within Yggdrasil with a thin but strong linen-tread.

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