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Sugarman-Peterson Gallery

Santa Fe art exhibition opening October 5 opening reception at 5:30 to 7:30pm - the exhibition hangs through October 29. My painting “BookBurning” is accepted at the exhibition hosted by

VG September 27, 2015. The Norwegian artist Thomas Knarvik got his book "In his name" printed. The publisher got cold feet and made "book-campfire". I do not want to comment on the content of this book. I have not read it. On a general basis, I will stand up for freedom of expression. If you start making exceptions or you are afraid of reprisals, freedom of speech is fragile and requires artists to stand together. Freedom of expression shall apply without limitation, except against the individuals. Studies have shown that many artists feel that they have to keep up with the media, that is, the perception that is presented as the "right" one to have. I want artists to protect this fragile right we have. We may disagree with the freedom of expression of books, articles, pictures, sculptures, but it is the price of freedom of speech. We are allowed to express ourselves, we are allowed to disagree. I would like the "Burning Book" to appear beautiful - so the contrast between what you see and the meaning behind becomes as scary as it is. This painting is dedicated to Thomas Knarvik and all the artists in the world who stand up for freedom of speech.
"BurningBook" 105x70cm oil on linen.

- just off the Santa Fe Plaza. I will be there from 2 - 12 October. Hope to see you there. My painting along with a lot of really good painters, will also be seen in American Art Collector Magazine, October 2018 “BookBurning” 70x105cm, oil on linen.

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